"Clean, not to crowded and it seems to be cheaper! Other places it takes like $3 or $4to dry and here it was a $1.50 and my clothes were 100% completely dry. Plus there are more places to sit with tables, that makes it nice."
Tracy Stockett
"This place is always clean, and the owner is a very responsive person and he delivers great customer service. Excellent laundromat open 24/7 and 365 days of the year."
Aldo Carrillo
"Very convenient and affordable and one of the best of the 24 hour day/night Laundromats that remain open. The place is clean, and the prices are the best I've seen in a moment. Bus Stop right outside along Washington Blvd., And a parking lot in the back. Easy walk or drive to 12th street for food, which you can eat inside the laundromat. They offer the usual free wifi, and also TVs to keep you entertained. They also have plugs to charge any device(s) you may have."
Steven Moritz
"LOVE this laundromat!!! It has soo many machines, and big ones too. I can easily wash and dry my king sized comforters. I like how there are plenty of tables to use while I wait for laundry to finish. The owner comes in often and is very nice and concerned for his customers! Double thumbs up on this place!"
Bailey Beckstrand